A space travel agency

iDare Space Travel Limited was incorporated in Ireland as a Private Company Limited by Shares on July 13th, 2022. Register Number: 722408.

Our mission statement:
Save the Earth and make it a happy place.

By supporting commercial space in general and space tourism in particular we will divert our resources to develop the technologies which will eventually prevent us from repeating the dinosaurs misfortunes.

Also it has been noted that people who had a chance to see our planet from a distance tend to value it more, including all people who live on it. They call it the ‘Overview Effect’.

Here are the three main lines of business we are planning to develop:

Space tourists

We will be helping the future space explorers to navigate this new growing field of space (and stratospheric) tourism, so that they can pick an adventure which would fit their dreams and budgets.

I am a learning about one new project approximately once a week. I wish I knew about some of them earlier, I would’ve definitely tried some of them myself. But you are lucky, you will learn about all of them from us.

Investors & Operators

None of these new exciting projects in space and atmospheric/stratospheric tourism will grow by themselves. All of them need money.

Some are publicly-funded, some are private, some will be attracting investors.

Once I learn the lay of the land in this growing industry I will be helping operators and investors to find and understand each other.

Space geeks

I am the one myself, and we-the-geeks love information, technical details and pictures of the beautiful spaceships, airplanes, and everything which flies in the air or in space.

We will be sharing news and event updates, so that you know what is happening in the commercial space and air adventures industry.

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